Colorful bulb humidifier Air ultrasonic USB 400ML essential oil diffuser atomizer deodorant mist fogger for home office

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    1. humidifier: moisturizes and refreshes the quality of the air we breathe, giving us a healthy indoor environment. Transparent tank of 2.400 ml: this humidifier is convenient to see the water or the dirt. Less dirt, fewer diseases 3. Colorful desktop nightlight: Colorful cycle change, choosing the one you want. moreover, the mini bottle of landscape beats your heart. 4. Ultrasonic atomization technology: the fog is fine and smooth, helping the skin to stay elastic and luminous. And effectively block caused by electrostatic drying, reduce radiation.

    Product details

    Product: LED lamp Humidifier Size: 153 * 88 * 88 (mm) Color: gold / silver Water tank: 400 ML LED light: colorful LED changing light Function: Humidification, air freshener Need to remove the cotton swab soaked in water Make sure the swab is completely wet at 100% Bulb humidifier use: 1 click on the spray 1 click to extinguish the spray Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the light Light delay 5 seconds white light 5 seconds back to change the colored lights Long press to maintain color selection

    Products Include

    Humidifier X 1 Decorative Stone X 1 (Set) Cotton swab X 1 Decorated tree X 1 Instructions X 1 USB cable X 1



    Humidifier2_057_10_12_1314400ml-LED Lamp-Air Ultrasonic Humidifier-for-home-Essential-Oil-Spread




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